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Okay, this is a bit off track when it comes to chicken housing but I had to add it. There are two types of chicken people as far as I can tell. The ones who look at them like food and the ones who look at them like friends. I make no judgements but I really think the people who look at their chickens as friends are special people. I don’t know if this chicken spends alot of time in the house but she sure seems pretty comfortable there. Just think of your chickens like big parakeets and bring them inside.

Have some pallets and need a chicken coop? This video shows you that with a little imagination and a whole lot of skill you can soon have a new home for your flock. My quest for my perfect coop has just started but I like the whole reduce, reuse, recycle aspect of this video. I would need some help building it though.

None, the human does the driving. I kind of like the idea of a portable chicken coop. I saw a really nice one on a farm. It was like a big covered wagon that the chickens went into at night. I don’t have the room or money for such a big contraption but would like a small one. This plan offers a place for the chickens and storage. It is on wheels and can be moved around. Good thinking.

My quest for the perfect coop has extended to include accessories. These chickens are woken up with music and the door to their house automatically opens to let them out. Just in case they can’t remember where the door is there is a lighted exit sign to show them the way.

Actually, I am not sure if it is the house or garage but these chickens are sitting pretty. I think I would give the tunnel more structure but the chickens sure seem to like it. I bet they are very spoiled birds. When thinking about your coop be creative. Just make sure that you think about things like predators pulling your work apart and eating your little friends. I wish these people lived next to me they seem like alot of fun.

There are so many things to consider when choosing your coop. You have to make sure your birds will be safe, have proper ventilation, be able to get enough sun and the list goes on. Cleaning your coop is another big concern. This video shows how a little planning ahead of time can make cleaning up after your birds quick and easy.

Why settle for a boring coop when you can have something like this? It is nice to look at and practical for your birds.


What do you think about this coop? It sounds complicated with all the 2×3 and 3×4 talk but it actually seems easy enough to build. I wouldn’t use staples for the wire though. I don’t want my chickens to be a racoon’s dinner. I am not so much worried about my chickens getting out but of something getting in.

These chickens live at Rikki’s Refuge. They live a life of ease and never have to worry about ending up on someone’s plate. Take a moment and just listen to them.